About Us

heroThe internationally patented Cool Door is the invention of two men from very different backgrounds, who combined their skills to find innovative ways to cool hot server environments.

Shaun Vosper, owner of Data Centre Technologies, brings to Cool Door Pty Ltd his extensive experience in managing data centre environments for local government and large corporates.

Bernie Gee has many years experience as consultant and project manager to commercial operations requiring sophisticated refrigerated cooling solutions. Their combined research produced the Cool Door.

Cool Door tests produced impressive data proving the new cooling solution would not only neutralise a hot spot most efficiently, but would also allow for server consolidation in the rack and benefits to adjacent racks, which may also take a temperature drop from the chilled out Cool Door rack in the middle.

How does it work?

Cool Door is the only cooling solution comprising a cross-fin coil system integrated with the front door of a rack. The design uses airflow produced by servers in the rack to draw cool air from the door, providing a continuous flow of cool air for the servers. This reduces the impact of server generated heat on a computer room, neutralizing hot spots and enabling high density ‘green’ data storage.

Cool Door may be adapted to suit any rack model and size. Strategic positioning of the Cool Door throughout a data centre has a flow-on benefit to the overall PUE while allowing up to four times more servers to be placed in the cooled rack.

Because the Cool Door can be retrofitted into existing server room environments, the day tough decisions need to be made about data centre rebuilds shifts into the future and the energy efficient Cool Door provides a great, scaleable solution with little impact - 8 Amps maximum per door - on your electricity bill.